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Item Number 15.


City Council 
Staff Report


Resolution Designating Interim City Manager and Approving Employment Agreement

Date:September 8, 2020

Submitted By:Sheri Chapman, City Attorney

Department:City Council

Staff Recommendation:

Adopt a resolution designating Police Chief Chad Butler as Interim City Manager effective September 19, 2020, and approving an employment agreement.

Mayor to Read Prior to Taking Final Action: Pursuant to Government Code section 54953(c)(3), this item recommends adding a temporary ten percent increase in base pay for Police Chief Chad Butler, while serving as Interim City Manager, for a total annual base salary of $249,679.10, effective September 19, 2020.

City Manager Steven Rudolph recently announced he is retiring, and is resigning from City service effective September 18, 2020. The City is actively recruiting for a permanent appointment to the City Manager position. However, there will be a vacancy in the position of City Manager following Mr. Rudolph’s retirement. Council is interested in appointing Police Chief Chad Butler to the position of Interim City Manager during the recruitment process and Chief Butler is willing to perform such responsibilities, while continuing to serve as the City’s Police Chief.

The attached resolution and employment agreement set forth the terms of the Interim City Manager appointment. The appointment is effective September 19, 2020 for a period of up to six months, or until the City Council appoints a new permanent City Manager, whichever occurs first. Chief Butler will receive a temporary increase in pay of ten percent of his base salary during the Interim City Manager assignment, for a total annual base salary of $249,679.10.
Fiscal Impact:
It is anticipated that the salary savings from the vacant City Manager position will offset the fiscal impact of the Interim City Manager appointment.
RESO - EXHIBIT A (Employment Agreement)